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Monitoring Downtime: The Importance of Uptime to Mortgage Websites

Your website going offline for a considerable amount of time can lead to your business’ failure. Losing credibility, customers, and money are some of the top negative impacts that downtime can cause. A delicate balance of the three aspects listed is necessary for any mortgage site.

A company with customers will be unable to operate. In addition, if your company does not promise credibility, it will have a hard time gaining customers. The lack of credibility and no customers can cause your business to lose money.

The three factors interlink hence if one fails, the effects can lead to a vicious cycle of problems but which can be prevented. A downtime calculator can help you determine what might take place in the case that your mortgage site goes offline. As you continue reading, you will find useful information on selecting a downtime calculator and ways of keep your website active.

Importance of Downtime Calculator and The Need for Uptime for Mortgage Sites

Unplanned Downtime
It is scary to know that it is hard to predict when your website could experience downtime. Websites can go offline at any time. The lack of certainty on when a website can experience downtime arises because many factors go into keeping a website running online. You should always be ready to handle a downtime because of its unpredictability.

One of the ways of handling the uncertainty about downtime is to have an uptime service whose service will be to monitor your site. As a mortgage company, you will start losing money the moment your website goes online for one reason or another. It is not worth losing money through downtime even if you are recording impressive numbers regarding profits.

Downtime Calculations Help Determine Potential Risks
Your website going offline for a few seconds or minutes can lead to a big loss. The loss can be even bigger if you are a large company. The use of downtime calculators is a simple yet good way of addressing your website’s downtime.

Downtime and Its Vulnerabilities
Exposing your customers to risks like fraud and losing money are some of the unwanted things that downtime can cause. When your website is down, it becomes more susceptible to DDoS attacks, which cause more challenges like in live websites. Attacks when your site is offline could mean hackers may be busy accessing your important records. If your customers find out about an attack on your website and unnecessary changes of the VA interest rates, they may opt to take you to court. A lawsuit can be an idea on the table because customers expect nothing less than their financial records remaining safe.

If you want to succeed as a mortgage company, be sure to have a reliable site.